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What to see with a car in the Middle East

Middle East is a perfect destination to surprise, discover other cultures with a lifestyle different from ours.

We can divide this area in various parts of the world, countries with a great power of attraction, such as Qatar, Israel, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and others who are in conflict and that at present it is very difficult to visit because of its political tensions. Iraq, Iran, Syria ...

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The differences are very noticeable among different countries, but what is indisputable that this part of the world poses a major tourist attraction for its beauty and offer all economic levels. Imagine giving a few strokes on the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, discover the wonders hidden in the deserts of Wadi Rum as photographed in Jordan or in the ruins of Petra.

The destinations are many and varied, you can walk around Tel Aviv as a tourist for its skyscrapers hallucinated or walk around the sacred Mount Sinai or Jerusalem.

If you like to spend money and enjoy a trip without financial constraints you can always stop by Dubai, Qatar, UAE and discover for yourself how they live and enjoy the world's luckiest sheiks...

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