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If you have decided to get ready to meet North American territory with a large extent of territory, you can visit countries are United States, Canada, Mexico and Alaska.

All very different except for one thing they have in common, their large size, which make them a destination with a great tourist attraction, much to do.

Our range of car hire companies in these countries is quite good, we have a wide range of cars available throughout the year and work with the most prestigious companies in the Americas.

If you decide to approach the United States, you will find a country bathed in three different oceans, and a big difference between a coastal climate and another, a destination where you will enjoy life more cosmopolitan in their big cities, or you enjoy solitude is your greatest large land virtually empty of people.

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In Alaska you can enjoy its ecosystem, usually always cold, but of great ecological importance, a destination where nature has great weight. Then you have Canada, the country of lakes, truly a unique destination of great natural beauty, an example of what you write it in Lake Louise in Alberta and of course Niagara Falls in Ontario.

And of Mexico, a fantastic country, where you can discover the contrast between the beauty and stark poverty, meet Mexico means to make sense of a journey where you can enjoy the pristine beaches of Cancun, or the largest metropolises in the world as Mexico City or Guadalajara...

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