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Van Hire Algeciras

Van Hire Algeciras

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Information Algeciras

Algeciras is the second city with the highest number of census industry and within large populations of Andalusia is the fourth with a higher level of industrial, manufacturing stands and metal processing.

There are several industrial estates in Algeciras that concentrate most of the activity of this sector. Polygons like the Menacha, or the Official stones and others offer support to these companies, but it is believed that the current industrial space is insufficient, so we study the construction of a new industrial park in the area.

The Port of Algeciras is undoubtedly the city's economic engine, its management is performed by the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay and is considered the first port of Spain in total freight traffic, stand container traffic, the liquid bulk and dry bulk tons, especially coming from eastern South America and Asia. In one of the terminals of the port of Algeciras is the office where you make a reservation with the different models of vans we have.