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Van Hire Badalona

Van Hire Badalona

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Badalona follows the path of the cities that have chosen to grow in the tertiary sector and tourism, contributing to its economy its main source of income. In the industrial reference Badalona is located in the industrial area of ​​Montigalà-Batlloria or industrial estate Les Guixeres

Another sector I where the city of Badalona is making an effort to develop economically, is in the business centers funding a building for this work, known as the International Business Center (BCIN), designed to improve communication of companies in Badalona., the city is located in a privileged area, being very close to Barcelona and be within the metropolitan area.

The proof of the enormous effort made by the authorities are in the polygon Montigalá Badalona of a major commercial areas, in this Business Park is located Montigalà clothing industrial center of Europe.