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Vizcaya Technology Park - Bilbao, Basque with Teknologi Parkea Bizkaiko name, also known as Parque Tecnológico de Zamudio, is a technology park located in the towns of Zamudio and Derio, just 7 kilometers from Bilbao. It is part of the Network of Basque Country Technology Park, along with the Alava Technology Park and San Sebastian, and known as Garaia Innovation Centre.

Built in the eighties by the Basque institutions, was one of the first Basque Country Technology Park, and is currently the largest and most important companies occupied by business value, the area of over 213 acres and its 217 companies located make this industrial complex first order, one of his references is to support the industry with the idea of ​​directing the Basque economy haia a more competitive level.

In Bilbao is also the new facilities regarding the Exhibition,. facilities are located in the neighborhood of Ansio of the nearby town of Baracaldo and on land formerly occupied by the company Altos Hornos de Vizcaya. This new space allows international competitions and larger, with better services, infrastructure and communications.