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Van Hire Murcia

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Murcia, we have always linked to agricultural production, we could say unequivocally that its great economic value was the field and orchard.

Murcia's agricultural sector is highly specialized and is very heavy, thanks mainly to export their crops to all European countries.

Presently the agricultural sector is losing momentum in favor of the service sector, where the administration of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, but the tourist attraction of the city have created a business of small and medium enterprises that coexist within a sector with great expansion. The industry is irrelevant in Murcia, hardly brings wealth to the province, with few exceptions.

Some of the organisms representatitos of Murcia that help stimulate trade and industry is represented by the Chamber of Commerce with the primary aim of defending the general interests of the business, industry and the economy in general Murcia, stimulating job creation in this situation as exceptional.