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Van Hire Pamplona

Van Hire Pamplona

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Information Pamplona

Pamplona is a city with a very high income, possibly one of the highest in Spain, its economy has great strength, supported by sectors such as industry and services.

With regard to industry, one of the most outstanding is the automobile, the Volkswagen company, has in Pamplona, and specifically in the municipality where the factory Landaben has its manufacturing facilities brand vehicles, the company is more Pamplona has hired employees, around the factory, there are a number of nearby businesses that serve the automotive logistics support to the company.

In this industrial environment there are companies dedicated to the steel industry, specialized electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, definitely an advanced industrial technologically.

One of the values ​​of great importance, but not of great importance in the economy of Pamplona and Navarre, is agriculture, cultivated all kinds of vegetables, especially garden produce with a quality extraordinary, looking its products through its appellation.