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Van Hire Sabadell

Van Hire Sabadell

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Information Sabadell

Economic history and production of Sabadell located in the Vallès Occidental, has been for a century joined the textile and metallurgy.

It is because of the crisis in this industry for the development of emerging markets, the city of Sabadell, is forced to change its industrial structure to adapt to the new global situation and change the direction of a drifting society accustomed a sector as important as was the textile.

Sabadell is forced to change its direct production sector and the service sector, which has a significant development in the commercial, financial institutions and the development of small and medium enterprises.

The city's urban development times, decided to transform the city center of Sabadell in a production center dedicated to stimulate this sector, at present the example of this shift is known as Eix Macia.