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Van Hire Valencia

Van Hire Valencia

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Valencia has a varied structure of production in the economy, it is noteworthy that the majority of its business structure are small and medium enterprises, with few exceptions such as the car manufacturing factory in the company Almusafes Ford, although not in the city of Valencia, a lot of work to support companies in the automotive sector and many in the province of Valencia.

In this industrial enclave is very important the Port of Valencia, which has great influence on trade in goods and container traffic, their numbers are exceeded each year in traffic volume, another activity of the Port of Valencia in constant growth has to do with the arrival of Cruise and the use of its marina.

Valencia stands out particularly in the service sector, provides a great deal of thanks to the huge investment in infrastructures made ​​to create added value to the city.

Valencia is becoming a benchmark for conference events, thanks to the Congress Centre was opened that since has made ​​more than 2,000 events, another benchmark in this sector is the Trade Fair, where annual fairs held sectors as diverse and important for Valencia, as food, tourism, urban development ...