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Van Hire Valladolid

Van Hire Valladolid

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Valladolid has always maintained a strong link to the industrial sectors particularly the automotive sector, the French company Renault has one of its factories producing automobiles.

Currently this sector has lost weight in favor of the service sector, wich represents significant value Valladolid in the economy, trade, restaurants and shops account for much of the wealth of its economy.

The drawback of this type of economy is that most of these businesses are small and medium enterprises, which at the present time of widespread crisis, have been badly affected in their workforces.

Most companies are located in Valladolid industrial sites known as San Cristobal. Farming in the region has lost a lot of weight and now the production of wheat, barley and sugar beet, which was raised decades ago is no longer important and can generate many jobs or business expectations.