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Van Hire Zaragoza

Van Hire Zaragoza

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Information Zaragoza

Zaragoza has become its own right in one of the most productive cities of Spain.

Unlike most Spanish cities, Zaragoza, has a very important industry and prosperous, the automotive sector is one that tends more weight in the city, the factory producing Opel General Motors vehicles in Figueruelas, is the most important, which added to the large number of companies around the factory supply the company, make the area a special economic engine of Zaragoza.

Another positive indicator for economic development, is its fantastic geographical location, right in the middle of the two great Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona, this situation favored when installing one of the largest logistics platform Zaragoza, favoring storage and export of all kinds of products and materials.

The highest concentration of workers and industry is especially in Zaragoza, also the weight of the service sector is felt in the city, and the province level, the service sector generated more income and has provided many jobs.