Questions and Answers about Car Rental

Through this section, we will try to find out about more general questions about renting a car, remember that the answers are at the generic level, and you must take into account the specific conditions of each company and country. Each company uses its Rent a Car Rental conditions, but in general there is a very similar service management in almost all agencies.

Where I can find the Terms and Conditions of Rental

Terms and conditions of hire may differ by country, the car agent or group vehicle. Therefore, please refer to the specific conditions of each vehicle. On the contribution of our booking process you can find the rental conditions by clicking "View conditions" or when given to "Book" and before beginning the process of filling your personal information. Can also be found in the third and final step of the booking process on the "Rental Conditions" in the bottom of the confirmation page. Finally, the rental conditions can also be found on the voucher that is due in the office of destination.

How I can pay my reservation?

Model payment of a reservation depends on the location and / or the supplier of rental vehicles used, in case you need to make a payment in advance before completing the booking will be advised of this fact. If applicable, you are responsible for paying the amount due to the rental vehicle provider. At all times you are responsible for payment of services / additional costs requested by you, also, is responsible for expenses incurred for other services and applied by said rental vehicle provider.

To enjoy the service provided by this site Web must use a credit card or debit card or PayPal. No debit cards are accepted at the destination at the time of collection of the vehicle. Please note that at the time of pick up will require a deposit or bond. The minimum amount of this deposit is the amount of a fuel tank + VAT. The maximum amount is the value of the franchise. This deposit is blocked on the credit card until you return the vehicle. No cash is accepted at all.

I can change a confirmed reservation

Yes Please have your reservation number ready. Also asked to provide a description and details of the changes you want to do. Beneluxcar not guarantee the processing of such changes, however, we will endeavor to reach a favorable outcome.

You can not make changes once the rental period. Beneluxcar can not offer any refund if you end the tenancy earlier than expected. In case you need to extend the rental period after collection of the rented vehicle (dates not covered by the voucher Beneluxcar), must pay the difference directly to the car rental agency at the rates then prevailing. Note that we can not guarantee that you will receive the same rate as the original booking. The rates change frequently and are set by the car rental agents. Note also that to change a reservation requires a minimum of 48 hours.

How I can add additional drivers or extra cost?

Additional drivers are added in the rental collection. All additional drivers must be physically present at the rental counter at the time of collection and must bring your driver's license to sign the lease. The remaining extras are also paid on arrival.

Do I lose my deposit if I cancel my car?

Please read our cancellation policy in its entirety. Depending on the time elapsed from the time of making the reservation cancellation costs may be zero or a certain amount.

Cancellation policy for bookings made within the current month

If the reservation is canceled within 7 days from the date of booking of the rental vehicle and at least 48 hours before pickup time will be reimbursed all expenses. If the reservation is canceled after the deadline of 7 days from the date of booking the vehicle and at least 48 hours before pickup time will be reimbursed all expenses except the cancellation fee of EUR 25.00 and the processing fee card (if applicable).
If the reservation is canceled less than 48 hours before pickup time, not entitled to any reimbursement. If the full amount of rent was also paid, Beneluxcar retain the amount corresponding to 3 days rental and service fee and no obligation to reimburse the rental under any circumstances.
If you cancel or amend a reservation made by credit card / debit Beneluxcar not be liable for monetary losses suffered as a result of fluctuations in currency exchange rates between the time of the original booking and subsequent cancellation or amendment (if applicable).

Cancellation policy for bookings made more than a month

For any reservations that were made with more than one month before the start time of the rental service, Beneluxcar charged an amount equivalent to 3 days rental and service fee if applicable.

How I can cancel my reservation?

The cancellation should be done within 48 hours after initiation of rental service. It is imperative that you send us an email asking you to process the cancellation of the vehicle.

What is a bond and why do I need one?

Your rental voucher is the document that be sent by email for later delivery at the office of destination and where is reflected the confirmation number. The car hire provider may apply a different rate or refuse to deliver the vehicle in case you do not give you the bonus. We can not accept any claim for a refund if you did not file his bond in the rental counter.
Along with the bonus must present their driving license and credit card.

What documentation I have to enteregar at the time of collection

must take the voucher, driver's license and credit card in your name.

Are there conditions to cross borders?

Not all companies allow cross the border or have restrictions to go to certain countries. Please read the terms and conditions of your rental to confirm that countries are allowed to be visited. For more information, we recommend that you contact the rental agent. Cross-border trips usually involve additional costs. Please call your rental agent to confirm the exact amount.

What does "fuel policy"

This section is determined by the supplier end. Some companies deliver the vehicle with a full tank and you have to return the same. Others, however it has supplied full and returning empty. In these cases usually charge the fuel tank at the time of collection. Please carefully read the conditions concerning your chosen car.

What are the age restrictions

These limits are set by the car rental agent. Due to restrictions imposed by insurance companies require a minimum or maximum age for driving. These standard conditions are detailed in each car hire. There may be a surcharge for young drivers.

Children Reserve chair Where I can see this confirmed in the reservation?

Unfortunately we can not confirm or guarantee that you will get the seat chair or chair or any of the optional extras and special equipment you ordered. All these extras are available on request. At the time of confirmation is reflected the status of these extras. These extras are never included in the quoted price and should always be paid on arrival.

What is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Exemption (except for the amount of the franchise) liability for damage to the vehicle in an accident. This insurance is included in most of our rates, however, please review the terms and conditions of booking before arrival at the rental counter. This insurance has exclusions, such as damage to the glass (eg windows, windshields, etc.) tires, underbody and the loss of keys. Check the amount of the insurance excess for each vehicle group.
Usually offered the option of an extra insurance (to be hired on arrival) to eliminate or reduce the franchise.
The CDW is only applicable if Lessee duly completes the accident report, which must clearly state the name of the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident and the conditions and circumstances under which it occurred.

What is THW

Exemption (except for the amount of the franchise) of liability for total or partial theft of the vehicle, and damage caused to it by acts of vandalism. This insurance is included in most of our rates, however, please review the terms and conditions of your booking before arrival at the rental counter. SECURITY COUNCIL: Beneluxcar advised to remove the identification tag is usually attached on the key of the vehicle and store it safely elsewhere. Note that if the vehicle is stolen and you can not return the key, meaning that they were negligent and left the key in a visible and vulnerable, you may be liable for the full cost of the vehicle.

What is Liability Insurance

Insurance that limits your liability for damage caused to other persons and / or property of others. Usually limited to a maximum of 1,000,000 €. The insurance is limited and there may be excess ie you may be liable for any amount above the insured value.

How I can remove the franchise? ¿I can make additional insurance

Can purchase additional insurance to reduce or eliminate the franchise. This can be done online at the time of booking (service provided in collaboration with Alliance Assistance) or the agent's office hire on arrival. Please see terms and conditions of rental for details.

What is a international driver's license and why do I need one?

International driving license (IDL) is recognized worldwide as a document that identifies the holder as a licensed driver when your license is not in the same language as the country where you are driving. You must also bring national driving license, otherwise you will not be accepted.

What is included in the rent?

Most of our rates include VAT, insurance collision and theft franchise and mileage. To see exactly what is included and what you do not see the conditions.

What taxes are included in the rent?

Prices shown on the website include VAT. However, some optional extras that appear on the voucher can not include it, but always be indicated. Please check the rental conditions before booking.